Cactus in bloom


541 542 543 544-Pelecyphora seedling 545
546 547 548-an old man ! 549-Opuntia spines 550-Astrophytum ornatum
551-Pelecyphora ssedling 552-reflections in a drop 553-Escobaria seed pods 554-seed pods 555-backlighted spines
556-backlighted spines 557-backlighted spines 558-Melocactus seed pod 559-Spines of Echinocereus 560-Melocactus sp.
561-a form of Astrophytum 562 563 564 565-Echinocereus spines
566-Mamm. spines 567-Opuntia spines 568-Old baby !! 569-Sulcorebutia spines 570-Astrophytum details

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