Cactus in bloom


601-Echinocereus sp. 602-Lobivia hyb. 603-Melocactus flower & seed pod 604-flowering Notocactus
605-a group flowering 606v 607-seed pod of Escobaria 608-Rebutia sp.
609-Rebutia sp. 610-Rebutia sp. 611-Echinocereus sp. 612-Mammillaria sp.
613-Notocactus sp. 614 615-Rebutia flowering 616-Rebutia flowering
617-Parodia sp 618 619-Mammillaria sp. 620-Echinocereus sp.
621-Echinocereus sp. 622-Echinocereus sp. 623-Echinocereus sp. 624-Gymnocactus sp.
625 626 627 628
629 630 631-Mammillaria in flower 632-a close up of Mamm. flower
633-Lobivia sp. 634 635-Mammillaria with seed pods 636

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